Sunday, 5 June 2011

Philanas Eyes

Imagine being able to see clearly with your eyes closed.
Imagine then the headace that would hit you when you opened your eyes and saw double at all times.

Now Imagine everyone telling you this is a gift, telling you that you are special.
Telling you that the thing that hurts you is your gift, what makes you worth the air you cost the world around you.

Then someone meets you in the realm of sight that is clearest with your eyes closed.
He tells you your eyes are a curse, and he will be your friend your guardian your mentor if you remove them.

So you give your eyes to this stranger in the world the rest inhabit.
And as soon as he has your eyes he laughs and closes his mental eyes, never to let you see him again in your minds eyes.

The only thing you ever know of him since that time was his laugh as he left your eyeless body behind.

This is Philara's background.
She's a part of Bounty.
Although I do not know in what fashion yet, but then again Bounty at this stage is just a sett of images and stories.

Some Vinter Tomorrow.
And me and Vinter needs a Urge Intense day soon now!


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