Sunday, 19 June 2011

Let me speak with no one.

Dual pictures, the devils inspiration.

By the gods.

I am a earth dragon, well thats the year I was born anyway
Year of the dragon, earth element.

Always considered myself more of a earth rat if anything, but I will take the awesome sign, and be all philosopical about it.

Haveing an Awesome (and you must agree) sign, means no more then having a lame sign.
The human Illusion is to see what we have been though to see.

As a dragon, I am no more then a rat, no more then a snake, no more then a cockroach.
In fact in my size I am lesser, for dragons get things easier.


Stop ranting now.
Then again, typing is ever so distracting.

Meh, Vinter will bring the big pencils tomorrow!? (do not know what that mean? me nether, but I am sure she will grab this time to Define)

Kyrie, oo the lords.

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