Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mini portfolio!

Hello you guys, I have to be super quick, because I have to go to work, but yesterday I made mini portfolios! fifteen of them:) So I can hand out to people, and practice my networking skills...
I did a video while I was folding it if anyone's interested to see how I made them:)

I've also made business cards, but I forgot my mem stick so I won't be able to print them until tomorrow.

And here's a quick business card sketch! Looking forward to draw a lot more on da lappy in not to long. It's just so much fun^^

Anyway, that was all I have for today, on friday I'll be posting very early, as I'm going going to the states.
But kyrie will keep us in awe tomorrow!

- Vinter


So there you go, started this really late, wonder what would have become of this if I started earlier.

Not much to to say, had some fun making this, just made some shapes and molded it into something fun.

hope you all enjoy.

Vinters up tomorrow, makes me want to work harder when she shows such good work.
And if you did not take a look at her portfolio be sure to take a look, absolutely worth your time!


Monday, 27 February 2012

Rainy day, done!

Here's the final for rainy day:)

Hope you all like

Now I have to more or less run to work, as I need to earn some money after a week of awesome drawing! not that I spend much money, most of the time I'm just sitting in front of my beloved lappy and drawing. With the occasional visit to Kyreis place to get a nice dose of Mario playing time:)

ANYWAY, I've cleaned up my online portfolio! I'll end up making my own website soon, I just need a few more of these drawing weeks. I've registered a domain name at least, which now redirects to the carbonmade portfolio.

But, I gotta run!
Kyrie might have something tomorrow, if his grandfather is feeling better, lets hope so. But if not, expect some slack on that front!

- Vinter

Missed post.

Okay, sorry about this.

My Grandad has been hospitalized so I had to travel back to my hometown.
I brought the scanner and art supplies with the intention to give you all another post as normal.


I had forgotten the hard work it is to get windows 7 to use the scanner program.

So I am sadly not able to scan the image for today, but I promise to post something up next time.
Course Vinter did just give us another excellent post so your all just a little spoiled anyway ;)

More from her tomorrow!


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rainy days!

Here's a new thing I'm working on, which will hopefully be done tomorrow^^

Yesterdays hardcore mario playing apparently exhausted my brains (it was so awesome, I didn't really want to leave that soon:P), so I wasn't able to start drawing very early today, all though it was my plan to finish this today, I now see that there's simply not enough hours before tomorrow for that:) Then again tomorrow is apparently upon us already:P

I had plenty of plans for today, it was going to be very productive. As I have work next week until friday, which is when we leave for the states for a week, I wanted to be done with a lot of stuff. Like edit the concert pictures I took yesterday, work on the secreet project, finishing the other drawing on pictures thing, prepare new business cards, fix website and all the rest...

So, all that will have to wait till tomorrow! Or, later today...

NAOW, bed time:)

Kyrie will bring us more good stuff tomorrow, that my internetfriends, I'm sure of!

- Vinter

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Faces, will have to do with that.

Me and Vinter Mario'ed hard today, Absolutely fantastic game.
What a laugh.

Sort on words today, so thank you to her, and hope you all enjoy.

She's up for more brilliance tomorrow.



Friday, 24 February 2012


(le closeup!)

Another! I'm on a roll.. I sketched this out yesterday, and finished it today! (more or less done, might add some redness to nose, eyes, cheeks and such)

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day sorting out some promo material, seeing as the big relaunch of my website and stuff is closing in.
I put together a mini portfolio, to hand out, and will probably sort out new business cards during the weekend.

I so badly want my own Epson A3 printer... It would be super nice to print my own stuff... I guess that's something I will invest in when I get some more money. That means I could print stuff for fellow artists in the same area^^ good quality stuff which is cheep and friendly:P

Anyway, I got some good and constructive critic from Jointless, on my Monkey Wrench drawing, which I'll be sorting out tomorrow:)

Tomorrow will be a fun day of Mario playing and sketching in the company of our other host of this awesome blog! Maybe I'll get a sneak peak of tomorrows post^^

But now, bed time! I promised my bf I'd be in bed earlier than usual, so have to hurry and brush teeth and all that.

Kyrie brings moar tomarrah!

- Vinter

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Some days

Had no real idea today.

So started drawing rather late.

And the idea I went with was to draw myself into harry potter (as the movie series had been running on the screen for the last 5 days)
And honestly only reason I though about drawing myself into harry potter is the fact that Lune Lovegood is just plain awesome.

Guess all the creative energy I had got used making up reasons and whats and ifs in stead of actually focusing on the drawing itself, Just did not make anything I wanted to show, even with several attempts.

But at least now I know Id prolly be a Ravenclaw, possibly major in divination, and not play quidditch.

In the end I just drew my face with longer hair, because as wizards already have long hair I am guessing it would be longer or plain not there.

Hope you enjoy, and hopefully my partner in lazy will brake out another excellent post tomorrow!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Happy clappy!

I was supposed to be working today, BUT I got the day of!! Which means, I wont be going to work until monday! YEY, here's a ipad doodle of me happy:P

And now, over to what I'v been using most of my day on, another new drawing! I'm not sure if it's finished yet... I need to sleep on it... But it's close to be done.
I've had this one in my sketchbook for a while, different variations kept on popping up so I decided it was time to actually do it. Thinking of adding some fiery leafs flying about or sumthin, maybe add a tree on the end as a source for the leafs, or just a branch.. I dunno, need to sleep on it.
It's a little bit dark, me thinks... I'll see when I'm looking at the ipad latorz.

Looking forwards till another day tomorrow filled with work I want to work with! ^^

But now, bed time! Or my bf will get angry at me for sleeping the daylight away... (he's just jealous, because he want's to sleep long as well:P)

Anyway, Kyrie brings moar goodness tomorrow. What will it be? Another awesome model design? Or maybe just a "pleasure drawing"? (they're so much fun, and usually brings out the best in one^^) STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT :D

- Vinter

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Deamon Prince consepts

So a little work on the idea for a Deamon prince for the slaanesh army I am working on.

liking the idea so far, but its not quite there yet.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.
At this point I am rather sleepy.

I am awesome, personally I think being single just gives you time to do more stuff, but hell I'll take awesome anyday.

Vinters up tomorrow, can she deliver on her promise?
Feels like a big pile of pressure to me, good luck to her.

Kyrie *fades*

Monday, 20 February 2012

Da late and ugly.

So sorry again, today was all about rammstein and secret project and cleaning up the house after all most two weeks of absence ... But on Tuesday I'll have something good to show before I go to work, that much I can promise you!

I'll also tell you how awesome the concert was! I was rather inspired.

But now I give you smily face and goes to sleeps, because it's kinda late..

Kyrie will no doubt give us some more juice after a day of work in da work, but he's so awesome, he can actually give us decent stuff even though he's been hard at work!

- Vinter

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Humour ghosts

I need a new computer...

Now I am a pretty quite laid back person, and I rarely get angry.
In fact most of the time I appear angry I am just disappointed.

And my computer disappointed me.
12,000 kr spent 2 years ago, and I can not play a single game due heating issues, the ram taken up by vista makes it so that I can't run photoshop 5.

But I live with all this because I can not afford a new computer.
That is today...

If working for more then one layer of color on an image my computer lacks the processing power to actually stop noticing the pressure of the tablet pen.

Meaning I have to move the pen straight up into the air for half a meter before it registers as of the board......

Needless to say I am disappointed as I wanted to work more on this image, but I sadly can not.
No food for me till I get a new computer.


Woke up early to do some drawing, and that turned out great, I really function best in the morning.

the drawing itself must be credited to Vinter as her line of (paraphrase) "draw for your own enjoyment not for everyone else's" inspired me.

Hope you all enjoy, because I Certainly did making it. (except that awful ending)

Vinter tomorrow perhaps with some big reveal?


A quickie.

Sorry dudes, no supa dupa cool drawing today, I've been working on le secreet projects:>

Have a steam punk girl instead:D but on Sunday I'll probably have a new drawing for da portfolio. Is gonna be nice working on that again^^ oh and I have to finish the other collaboration with the photographer chick:)

Now, I didn't have any whisky today, but I did have wine, which works.

But, I'll better go to bed, I'm getting tired and it's not too long before kyrie posts again. Stay tuned for more thought full stuff with stories in it! And lovely muted colours of course!


- Vinter

Friday, 17 February 2012

White Lies

Have gassmasks always been cool? or is that a generational thing?
I have really yet to meet a person who's not a fan of a gassmask on anything.

Weird when one things on the usage of the gassmask, guess its kind of like a smoking thing.

Vinter went all super awesome on us yesterday, so I felt I had to put in some effort myself.
That effort resulted in this very image, tried to make an Illustration for once.

Had I the time and a none malfunctioning tablet I'd work the story in this one more clear.
But hopefully the title and the image will make you think, and along the lines I designed you to think.

We'll see.

Vinters back tomorrow, and I quite like chatty Vinter, more of that ^^


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dreads 'N' Steam!

Yey, new drawing! This started out as a quick ps doodle and ended up taking up the rest of my evening... Which I was supposed to use on finishing the collaboration I'm doing with the girl photographer. I ended up finishing one picture at least! Four to go!
Anyway, I decided to finish the drawing before it got out of hand and me ending up ruining it:P

Ah, I love having days off work! Gives me time to do what I want. And since the relaunch of website/portfolio/blog is soon due, making drawings is high priority in mah brain.

I'm trying hard to go with colour choices I like, and not being to influenced by what colours other people like... I usually strive to make stuff I hope people I look up to will like, but I've found out that I have to make stuff for my own liking, or I'll never be pleased with anything I do... And I kind of want to feel at least pleased with some of what I do.

I think it's fair to call myself my worst critic, as I think one should be, but that doesn't mean I can't be half pleased with something, at least for a few minutes, until I see all the flaws and wish I'd never published something so dreadfully ugly.

BUT, enough rambling. I have something else brewing as well! Another collaboration! but for now, it's a secret:> I'm looking so much forward to get home to my scanner and scan all the stuff for it that I did today, is gonna be awesums!^^

Anyway, bed time. I have a ridiculously long day tomorrow, and on friday I have to go home to my bf to comfort him, and make him a decent meal, since I've been gone for so long and he's been working waaaay to much overtime to be able to take a week off for pycon this year.. Poor darling!

Kyrie will bring you more goodies tomorrow, you know you like his bravery with tha colours!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vale'n time or something like that

So happy Valentine.
Kind of had to make a themed drawing, just one of those days.

So congratulations to all the happy couples out there, may you stay forever happy.

Not big into any celebration day personally though, but I can see the need for days like this.
On a commercial and emotional level.

Vinters up for tomorrow, it will be exiting to see what she shows us all.

Kyrie aways.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hope to take a glass of whisky in the weekend. Is always nice to relax with a nice whisky after a long week of work!

Now, bed time! Work again tomorrow..
Kyrie brings more soft flats tomorrow, because you're worth it!

- Vinter

Monday, 13 February 2012


This drawing is 100% accident.

like previously noted Saturday/Sunday is a hard set of days for me to find time to draw on.
So no real planning ended up happening.

This is the first thing I drew, some erasing for her pose, then just coloring.
hope you all like and enjoy.

Now my heater died on me, its cold when the heater dies on you.

Vinter will show up for tomorrows!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

A gift.

Here's a gift I made for my nephew. My sister liked the little princes paintings which is do popular for girls atm, and wanted something to hang up in his room. So I decided to paint a little prince painting.
I sketched out the concept on the train home from work yesterday and spent most of last night painting it:)

I wanted to draw something else as well to put up here, as kyrie put up such a elaborate pice yesterday!

But, I used most of my day reading web comics... Nemu nemu is the one I'm currently hooked on:p

Now, kyrie brings more tomorrow, what will he bring this time?
Tune in tomorrow to find out!

- Vinter

Friday, 10 February 2012

Pink Hair

So as far as I am aware(don't like saying that I straight out do not like it as it hasn't been something experienced enough), I am not that found of unnatural hair colors, with the exceptions of shades of red which I blame on extreme anime exposure.

This image was actually spawned from silence, I have a highly imaginative mind, and silence triggers all kinds of thoughts that can at times leave me shaken.

Course what I do then is I just surrounded myself with sound all the time.
But whiles doing the dishes today I had no sound and was left thinking about the only girl I ever felt any real attraction to during my teens.

Meet her only briefly, but I remember being so confused by the emotion that I was left paralyzed.
In fact I totally vent all weird and stiff, and on the plane ride home I hated myself for not at least trying for a kiss, there was Obvious situations that could have lent themselves to it.

We had some contact after but time went on. (In fact we sent drawings to each other via post)

Wonder if that kind of emotion is exclusive to teens.

Anyways, thats enough personal sharing.
If this kind of blogpost bothers anyone please do tell, and if you like it, do tell as well.

Before I share again, it is time for miss worksherfeettodeath!
Poor Vinter, but lazy demands :D.



D: sorry, loads of work... More work in a few hours...

Will put good shtuff up on shaturday! Shwears!

Kyrie will bring you the goodies tomorrow/later today!

- vinter

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Look at our header!

We have one!

Yay for progress.
Thanks to Vinter for her work.

In the meanwhile I've been working on the slaanesh marines, looking really cool so far.
used this image to find out what parts to use and colored it now, to have a idea of how I want to color them.

Idea is to play of the color balance between purple and yellow(gold)
Make the marines in black Armour, and the daemons based white.

Course the bases will be a problem.

I am tired...
So tired.

Vinters up next, ipadding like a master tomorrow.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

AG done!

So, my atom girl is more or less done. It didn't turn out the way I planed at all, and I'm not too pleased with the out come, but I've been hanging over this since November and I wanted to finish it.

I didn't get to start a new one as it was already pretty late and I was more into making a banner for the blog:p since kyrie posted such a funny post, I couldn't help my self!

Now I have three days of hard work before I can indulge in a new drawing:( but I'll try do some sketches and colourful stuff on zhe iPad:)

Kyrie brings more sweetness to us tomorrow, so tune in then!

- Vinter

Lazy Airlines gives you the choice

A choice-less choice that is!!!

Unless you ask for Urge Intense, that might spark some interesting lies about the actual inventory status of the Urge Intense.

Felt like making myself a bowscarf-thing, because I admired the mustache yesterday.
Did not ask permission to use Vinters image, but you guys will shield me from harm right?

I mean just look how adorable I am when DE-manlyfied.
Must be worth protecting.

Anyways, Vinters back without the stache and I'll give the bowscarf-thing back to the old lady tomorrow.


Monday, 6 February 2012

Geek day fail.

Jies, today's geek day ended up not being a geek day after all, mostly because overslept and it took me three hours to get home. Since the bus only goes every other hour in weekends...
And I had to edit all the pics I took at the concert.

Sometimes I really hate working late and working so far away from home..

So this is all I have to show for, a silly iPad drawing... Sorry, I'll have my geek day tomorrow (later today) instead.
I have to keep going the way I did last week, that way, I'll reach my goal of having a portfolio by the end of February/beginning of march!

Anyway, I wasn't the only one to bring soothing colours to lazy, I quite like the blue purple hazy background kyrie brought us yesterday, and how can one not be attracted to the smoke, so mysterious and stuff (even though I hate cigarets)!

He'll bring more pleasures tomorrow, I'm sure:)

Bedtime, planing on getting up a bit earlier tomorrow/today!

- Vinter

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dance Macabre

I am not a smoker.
I do however have a macabre fascination of everyone who smokes.

Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Anyways what is up with this image?
just watched all the Madmen series, must say, I really liked the last season.

Making me want to see the next season.
Course might end up going down a direction I just can't handle.

I really like that stile of digital painting from Vinter, feels like its hugging me when I look at it.
So good and soft!
More soft color hugs tomorrow?

May you do your swirl of death if thats your poison of choice.

Wip A.G.

Was at work all of yesterday (Thursday), so didn't get to do much today, as I had to travel back home, and then I was a concert photographer.

But this is as far as I've gotten with atom girl, my bf and I decided we're having a "geek" Sunday, as I'm working all day tomorrow as well, which means I'll be spending my Sunday finishing up atom girl here and hopefully start a new drawing^^

Ooh, red panties! Never goes wrong:p more nice lazy stuff tomorrow (technically today...)

Bed time!

- Vinter

Oh btw, the jpg save made the colours a little weird, especially the atom sign, it's supposed to be more purple, but oh well... I'll deal with that later:)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Humaniod see, humanoid do.

New rule, added to the already extensive pile of rules I honesty do not follow all that well.

"Whenever I do not have a solid idea by 16.00 hours, play of what Vinter did."

I always end up disappointed when I have no real idea and just end up doodling on paper, which is what happened today, been writing lists, and doodling all day, but come lazy time I had no ideas.

Ended up with this entry, not saying its bad, but I am not happy with it, and that is a most important thing for me.
no matter how many others are happy with it.

Me, I am ME, ego,ego,ego,ego,ego...

I've lost the ability to have a focused though, must be the terraria overload me and a friend had yesterday.

Sooo, what I am saying is that I should stop typing.
No idea what might end up on the interwebz.

Vinters post was Awesome, and I demand more (again, ego,ego)
(please, humble,humble)



Jess, I've been drawing. I finished one drawing I started on in 2011, I only have a link for it now, as I'm on my iPad:

And I've set out to finish another one I started at around the same time, which is the one I'm posting now. Which you might remember from an earlier post:

That's right, atom girl is back to be finished up and made "pretty". I've totally recoloured her and tried out a few different hand placings. Think I'll stick with this one, and either do an atom print on her shirt or figure a clever way to place it... Maybe I need to find another hand placement... We'll see.

Now I'm going to go to bed, as I have a rally long workday ahead of me tomorrow:) but kyrie brings back the magic tomorrow^^


- Vinter

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Late Night ideas

Been working on the idea of a chaos marine Slaanesh army.

Thinking their main vice will be substance abuse.
Drew up this here drawings as I was thinking about the details.

Want to make them really feel like they've fallen out of grace and into the dark macabre world of Slaanesh.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Vinter will work to show us all her skill tomorrow, and I am looking forward to that!