Saturday, 18 February 2012

Humour ghosts

I need a new computer...

Now I am a pretty quite laid back person, and I rarely get angry.
In fact most of the time I appear angry I am just disappointed.

And my computer disappointed me.
12,000 kr spent 2 years ago, and I can not play a single game due heating issues, the ram taken up by vista makes it so that I can't run photoshop 5.

But I live with all this because I can not afford a new computer.
That is today...

If working for more then one layer of color on an image my computer lacks the processing power to actually stop noticing the pressure of the tablet pen.

Meaning I have to move the pen straight up into the air for half a meter before it registers as of the board......

Needless to say I am disappointed as I wanted to work more on this image, but I sadly can not.
No food for me till I get a new computer.


Woke up early to do some drawing, and that turned out great, I really function best in the morning.

the drawing itself must be credited to Vinter as her line of (paraphrase) "draw for your own enjoyment not for everyone else's" inspired me.

Hope you all enjoy, because I Certainly did making it. (except that awful ending)

Vinter tomorrow perhaps with some big reveal?


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  1. Hah, I like how It barely possible to understand what I write ^^.