Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Crappy bus sketch

Because I'm such a nice blogger and give you crap all the time, I give you moar... Did this on the bus to work. I'm still at work...

Enough said.

Kyrie though might be back in the drawing mood of Halloween tomorrow though! So tune in then^^

- Vinter

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Sometimes you need to censor what would have been drawn.

This is one of these days.
Call it a calm down day.

Something better next!

Vinter will save us all tomorrow!


Sunday, 28 October 2012


In lack of a title, and the brainpower to come up with anything.

Have a sketch from my sketchy sketch book.

I'm going to go embrace sleep, because sleep is seriously nice! Like kyrie stated in his awesome chibi colourful drawing yesterday.
He'll be back tomorrow, tune in then:)

- Vinter

Sleep Chibi sleep

I like sleep.

100% underrated activity.
Even better when your really tired.

Just close them eyelids and drift away into the sweet melancholy tranquility of deep slumber.
And if you are lucky enough to be blessed with a dream, you've got a small lifetime worth of adventure in the time you lost by lying still.

Vinter our Queen will be back to amaze tomorrow.
Always something I look forward to.


Saturday, 27 October 2012


Gunslinger girl gets 1up!
I was going to draw some more but the bank wasted my day with being closed and not at service so...

Kyrie brings more of his lovely hours to the table tomorrow!

- Vinter

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Always wanted to do pictures like this, Going to be doing some more of them just to get used to color and flow.
Have an idea on how to do this even more kewl.


Vinter is going to be back tomorrow!
Poor girl is working very hard whiles I sit here with all my free hours.

Spoiled Kyrie~

Still here

Guys of the internet, sorry but I'm still stuck at work, so all I have is this whiteboard drawing.

Kyrie brings more goodies tomorrow! Looks like he's on a roll _o/ _o_ \o_ (that's supposed to be a dude doing a wave...) !

- Vinter

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Sad girls today.

-Why they sad?

Ah correct question there Mister Wierdpartofmybraincapableofaskingquestions!
A question without an answer, the best of questions.

Sat myself down on the floor and did some coloring for the sake of coloring.
This actually looked good some hour ago, super maximum overwork.
Was fun though.
Also learned that zooming in is horrible.

Vinter carrying her burden of self-judgment will be back to win back her confidence tomorrow.
Looking forward to that or more kittens! :}



So here I am minding my own business, working at my day job and try to get some commissions done after work... I was just about to relax and enjoy my weekend when suddenly its Monday and I find myself back at my day job...


I didn't have time to do half of the stuff I was planing to do or sleep half as long as I wanted to D: toenails!

It's not that my weekend has been bad, on the contrary, it was very nice. I'm just not sure where all the 48 hours of that weekend decided to go.

Anyway, I drew a cat. I'm no good at drawing animals but have one anyway...

Have to be cool and get up tomorrow, me needs to go to da bank and sort out tax account and what not. *researches*

KYRIE! Is the one that brings you fun stuff tomorrow! I swear, he rarely disappoints, unlike the other part of this lazy duo:p

Maybe he'll sweep us of our feetsess with some sweet sweet watercolours or maybe it will be a rocking sketchy sketch!

- Vinter

Sunday, 21 October 2012


The sad princess, could nothing but attempt to comfort herself by indulging in her favorite food; Frog legs.
The disappearance of the beloved prince was a eons ago, and none had come closer to finding the prince or the witch that so took him away.

Should have colored, I know.
But I am really hating on my colors ATM.
Need to have them replaced, but the idea makes me a little sad.

A hearth is a lot of work.


Is to be the mistress of the lazy-kingdom tomorrow.
Will she be kind to us?


Saturday, 20 October 2012


A man! For a change... A wizard focusing on making his puff ball spin.. What ever that means...

Anyway, yesterday was a long and very busy day at work..

Time is really not on my side...

Kyrie brings some coolness back to this little, but creative place which could be mistaken with a fairy tale (it's not though), we call Lazy^^

In the mean time, stay warm...

Winter is coming...

For reals!

- Vinter

Friday, 19 October 2012


I like the idea of spirits.
Actually I like the idea of everything and everything being emotionally sentient.

This, of course leaves me a little messed up at times.
But a funner life.

Vinter had a super-bad work day.
Sounds horrible, positive side, guess she's got some motivation to find something els.

Anyways, she'll be back tomorrow, if the universe decides that she's allowed.



The worst part about being a girl, working alone in a bar, with no security guards, is the point where full grown men starts being nasty and threatening because the bar is closed, and they have to leave the premisses because, believe it or not I want to go home after 12 hours of work... Holy fuck men are lucky. To get away with being dicks all the fucking time... Especially when they're drunk...

I wish I was a man, instead of this silly looking girl who's short and starts to shake and go completely red when she's get angry.

Because of men drinking, I have not had time to draw today. And I'm currently hiding from a group of bankers (which refused to leave, but I was sneaky and got them to go outside, so I've locked myself inside...), waiting for them to go to their rooms so I don't have to listen to their nasty comments.

I promise you I'll give you double action on Saturday!

Kyrie will bring the magic back tomorrow, or later... Which ever he feels more comfortable with:)

- Vinter

Ps. I need to quit my job, or grow some serious muscles, or get a really mean looking lion guardian, or learn a spell which shows people what hell is like... That's it! I should become a mean freaky witch, to cast spells and have a big effing dragon as my familiar!!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Things will look shabby-ish this I get the stuff I need going.
And the entire healthy routines thing.

Stuff you know.

The end result is hopefully more quality lazy content for you peoples.
And a pile of drawing-mojo for me.

We hopes.
Don't want to talk about todays drawings, all for you to think about.

Vinter, the Queen of our awesome establishment will be back with more attitude laters.
Look forward to that.



Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I know

I'm late. I was at work yesterday, and today I've been working on commissions...

Tomorrow it's back to work for the rest of the week, so I doubt there'll be any super drawings from me the next few times. SHORREH!

So scarf girl wonders if you have a problem with that... >_>

Well that's all I have to ramble about today...

Kyrie take the crown of awesome tomorrow. Because that's right, lazy is the kingdom of awesome!

- Vinter

Monday, 15 October 2012


Statement from the council of supreme matriarchal witches.
*Dear humans of earth.
Stop spoiling your children before Halloween.

As a witch primary food source (preferably boiled)
These horribly spoiled children not only take an extreme amount of candy to lure in, But are horrible for the witches diet.

We've had to modify our brooms to accommodate the weight gain, and are very sadden by that.

Next Halloween, make sure to have your offspring suitable sugar-starved. (lean meat, good meat)

With true love.
Council of supreme matriarchal witches*

A Beautiful fairy demanded that I get of my lazy ass and get to drawing something meaningful again.
Not easy saying no too beautiful faeries.

Vinter, the mad pumpkin queen of lazy inhouse, will be back to scare you tomorrow.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Halloween WIP

A little something I'm working on. Maybe it will be done later today, maybe not.

We'll just have to see...

I've got some stuff to sort out first.

Kyrie will bring nice stuff tomarro!

- Vinter



I am out of paper.
Its kind of annoying, as I have to search for empty back pages of old drawings.
Seems to be affecting the drawing skillz.
Hope to have it resolved soon.

Vinter will be back tomorrow.
Feel the amasing Autumn power then!


Friday, 12 October 2012


I quite like it. The colours, the cool breeze. And I can wrap my face and neck with scarfs!

So here, have a very autumn sketch of random face, which I've named scarf girl:)

Kyrie will be back tomorrow, king of sketch house lazy! ^^

- Vinter

No Effort


Sometimes you just do not know what to draw.
Wanted to draw scarf girl, because Vinter drew scarf girl.

In end I to tired to make 2 eyes look like they belong too the same face.

Vinter, please save the lazies.
I will go to shame corner.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Random faces

I've been at work to day. And I suffered the curse of being a girl... My uterus decided it was time to free some eggs which gave me some serious pains... I could barely stand, let alone lift anything. So I had to go lie down for an hour while I clenched my teeth in pain, waiting for the pain to go away.

Anyway, i saw a really awesome girl at the subway the other day, with a super big scarf... So I drew a girl with a big scarf.

Kyrie will bring cool imaginative drawings tomorrow!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

If you had a title

People wings.


Vinter will be back to claim her spot in the spotlight of lazynes.



Monday, 8 October 2012

Mmmh, donut!

Yesh, sometimes the donut craving hits me hard... I don't really like donuts in Norway, they're so dry. But whet we're in the states! Agrraghjijjhgtd... I die a bit every time. They're so smooth and sweet! Not weird I gain weight every time we're there... The food is so overly fatty, and it doesn't really fill you up. And the portions are so big@_@

I'm at work today, earning some money.

Just waiting for the last guests to go to bed so I can clean up the rest and go home. Have a big deadline tomorrow so there won't be a lot of sleep tonight, but that's ok, because work is fun^^

Kyrie, the master of figurines will be back tomorrow:D *spins around*

- Vinter

Playing with dinner

Will she rend, or will she not.
THAT is the question.

A little fanart.
All Games-Workshop IP.
And all that.

I just found out that Who has 5 episodes for me.
Going to go see if I can squeez in one episode before sleepy time.

Vinter is taking the stage back tomorrow.
I have her charger, hopefully that won't play into her skills at drawing!


Saturday, 6 October 2012

New sketchbook

Yes, I started drawing in a new sketchbook, which is silly. Because I still haven't finished my other ones (yes, ones, because I've got more than one sketchbook being drawn in. I must be lazy!).

I need to draw more.

But here, have my two first drawings from my new sketchbook (which isn't that new at all, I bought it in Düsseldorf two or three years ago, but saved it because I still had a lot of pages left in my other sketchbooks)

Kyrie brings more tomorrow, yey^^

- Vinter

Friday, 5 October 2012


"if you've nothing good to say, do not say anything at all"

I like that quote.
Makes perfect sense to me.

Often puts silence into a weird perspective.
But know now, that If I ever give you an ugly look, and say nothing at all.

I probably just insulted you in my mind.

So feel free to use your imagination to fill in the silence.

Vinter, ze-queen of fancy cooking.

Will be back to lazy to entertain tomorrow.

I *poof*


Thursday, 4 October 2012

A little commission work

Yes, this is what I've been working on the last few days. This little buddy have been made into a lot of different settings. This be the halloween version, as it's coming up close.

I've made one for each season, so expect more of him the next year or so.

He was made for

Kyrie is back tomorrow, after a proper meal^^ we've been ogling at pretty girls and clothes today! I got lots of inspiration at least. Oh and we of course played mario, we unlocked another star level :D

- Vinter

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Vinter went and found some Emilie Autumn, tea- Lady person.

So I needed to draw some costume design.


Vinter be back for more mischief tomorrow!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh the belated

Hey, and yes, I know what you're thinking... I'm late!

With a whole day!

I know, I know... I was at work yesterday, and couldn't get myself to draw anything decent. So I told kyrie I'd do today.

But as an apology, I give you two sketches:D I'm sorry they're only sketches, but I've been busy with drawing stuff I can't show off just yet.

So after some rest from lazy, kyrie is back tomorrow with more wonders from the lazy world!

- Vinter