Friday, 19 October 2012


The worst part about being a girl, working alone in a bar, with no security guards, is the point where full grown men starts being nasty and threatening because the bar is closed, and they have to leave the premisses because, believe it or not I want to go home after 12 hours of work... Holy fuck men are lucky. To get away with being dicks all the fucking time... Especially when they're drunk...

I wish I was a man, instead of this silly looking girl who's short and starts to shake and go completely red when she's get angry.

Because of men drinking, I have not had time to draw today. And I'm currently hiding from a group of bankers (which refused to leave, but I was sneaky and got them to go outside, so I've locked myself inside...), waiting for them to go to their rooms so I don't have to listen to their nasty comments.

I promise you I'll give you double action on Saturday!

Kyrie will bring the magic back tomorrow, or later... Which ever he feels more comfortable with:)

- Vinter

Ps. I need to quit my job, or grow some serious muscles, or get a really mean looking lion guardian, or learn a spell which shows people what hell is like... That's it! I should become a mean freaky witch, to cast spells and have a big effing dragon as my familiar!!

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