Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So here I am minding my own business, working at my day job and try to get some commissions done after work... I was just about to relax and enjoy my weekend when suddenly its Monday and I find myself back at my day job...


I didn't have time to do half of the stuff I was planing to do or sleep half as long as I wanted to D: toenails!

It's not that my weekend has been bad, on the contrary, it was very nice. I'm just not sure where all the 48 hours of that weekend decided to go.

Anyway, I drew a cat. I'm no good at drawing animals but have one anyway...

Have to be cool and get up tomorrow, me needs to go to da bank and sort out tax account and what not. *researches*

KYRIE! Is the one that brings you fun stuff tomorrow! I swear, he rarely disappoints, unlike the other part of this lazy duo:p

Maybe he'll sweep us of our feetsess with some sweet sweet watercolours or maybe it will be a rocking sketchy sketch!

- Vinter

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