Monday, 8 October 2012

Mmmh, donut!

Yesh, sometimes the donut craving hits me hard... I don't really like donuts in Norway, they're so dry. But whet we're in the states! Agrraghjijjhgtd... I die a bit every time. They're so smooth and sweet! Not weird I gain weight every time we're there... The food is so overly fatty, and it doesn't really fill you up. And the portions are so big@_@

I'm at work today, earning some money.

Just waiting for the last guests to go to bed so I can clean up the rest and go home. Have a big deadline tomorrow so there won't be a lot of sleep tonight, but that's ok, because work is fun^^

Kyrie, the master of figurines will be back tomorrow:D *spins around*

- Vinter

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