Monday, 15 October 2012


Statement from the council of supreme matriarchal witches.
*Dear humans of earth.
Stop spoiling your children before Halloween.

As a witch primary food source (preferably boiled)
These horribly spoiled children not only take an extreme amount of candy to lure in, But are horrible for the witches diet.

We've had to modify our brooms to accommodate the weight gain, and are very sadden by that.

Next Halloween, make sure to have your offspring suitable sugar-starved. (lean meat, good meat)

With true love.
Council of supreme matriarchal witches*

A Beautiful fairy demanded that I get of my lazy ass and get to drawing something meaningful again.
Not easy saying no too beautiful faeries.

Vinter, the mad pumpkin queen of lazy inhouse, will be back to scare you tomorrow.


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