Friday, 10 February 2012

Pink Hair

So as far as I am aware(don't like saying that I straight out do not like it as it hasn't been something experienced enough), I am not that found of unnatural hair colors, with the exceptions of shades of red which I blame on extreme anime exposure.

This image was actually spawned from silence, I have a highly imaginative mind, and silence triggers all kinds of thoughts that can at times leave me shaken.

Course what I do then is I just surrounded myself with sound all the time.
But whiles doing the dishes today I had no sound and was left thinking about the only girl I ever felt any real attraction to during my teens.

Meet her only briefly, but I remember being so confused by the emotion that I was left paralyzed.
In fact I totally vent all weird and stiff, and on the plane ride home I hated myself for not at least trying for a kiss, there was Obvious situations that could have lent themselves to it.

We had some contact after but time went on. (In fact we sent drawings to each other via post)

Wonder if that kind of emotion is exclusive to teens.

Anyways, thats enough personal sharing.
If this kind of blogpost bothers anyone please do tell, and if you like it, do tell as well.

Before I share again, it is time for miss worksherfeettodeath!
Poor Vinter, but lazy demands :D.


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