Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Purple Tea!

As I'm writing this I'm drinking purple tea, writing a job application and drawing todays Lazy drawing. All is good in the middle of the night, so much peace and quite, and not so bloody warm!

Oh and my tea is really purple... the reason for that is because mum was almost out of normal sugar, so I had to subsidize it with some kind of purple dyed sugar which mum uses to decorate cakes with... Don't tell her, it's apparently kind of expensive >_>

I normally only have one Urge Intense when I'm working at my day(night) job, but today I had two^^ because I got one of my boss! How cool isn't that?

RANT! Over to the drawing. It's just a drawing today, nothing special at all:)

Look forward to some more thrilling stuff from Kyrie tomorrow. I certainly am!
- Vinter

Ps. I'm using way too much time looking at other fantastic artists and envying them for their awesome skills... I have to draw more instead of looking... Maybe I'll be good one day as well!

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