Sunday, 8 April 2012

Damn woman.

Damn in a good way of course.

And that would be in reference to the fact that Vinter is really good when she steps up.
Makes me have to get of my lazy ass and do some real drawings.

Guess thats a good thing, but hey my lazy ass like being lazy, its the reason it has the prefix "lazy".
Makes total sense huh?

Now I personally have never been one for the furries, sure I like animals just fine, but I prefer them to be over there, not right here.

Only exception would be cats. Cats are awesome.
Anyways, the concept of a furrie just kind of makes me feel uncomfortable, like some alternative world where what we call mental illness, is in that world just "personality".

What I am trying to get to, and got busy writing all sorts of potentially offensive stuff, IS:
If asked what my favorite furry type is, my answer would be fox.

Which is funny, as again, the only exception is cats.

And fish.
Makes me sound smelly.


Anyways, more from ze King of lazy tomorrow!
All hail the Vinter, for it is coming.


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