Thursday, 22 March 2012

Love story

Gather around the metaphorical campfire and let me spin you a tale.

A tale of a young couple, a couple so perfectly matched, so very in love.
Long had their relationship lasted, and longer yet was it planned, but not all stories end as you want them too.

The young man was murdered, one cold night in the year 2523.
He had wandered into a situation most unfavorable, and he would've known something was wrong was his mind not so hard at work wondering just how to present the ring in his inner pocket, to the lady waiting at home.

The assault was merciless, and as organs where in short supply that year, the boy was left with little to show, when his love was forced to identify his corpse.

She was a stubborn and brilliant young lady, and the grief that followed was eternal.
Drowning her emotion in what she did best, she sett out on a most miraculous path.
She started to study nano-bot technology together with reworking and rewriting the human genetic code.

Many had tried similar before, but none specialized in what she herself was specialized in; Bio-hazardus material.

Years passed, and friends and family gave up on the obsessed girl so far fallen from her prime,
but her miracle was but a slight accident away.

One night the girl was tired beyond what social convention would deem appropriate, working on,
as always for but the hope of seeing him again.
Lost in painful memory she jerked as she forced herself into her emotionless glaze, the jerk however made a rather dangerous fluid spill and fall straight into her present sample.

She marveled at the brilliance as the nano-bots perfectly recreated the dead crow she had taken her sample from. He was within reach again, and her happiness was unfathomable, taking her studies to official sources she was greeted with astonishment and celebrations.

Man could make life anew, no longer did anyone need be suffer unnecessarily.
There was joy, there was hope, but a roadblock did appear.
To create a human, one would have to infuse oneself with the technology, so the bots could work from your memories, and recreate the exact human replica.
If one did not do this one was left with a emotionless shell perfectly molded, but a long stretch from perfect.

Human testing however was illegal, and the project was decided dangerous and inhuman, her hope was shattered, and none seemed to care, discussion even began on the nature of ones "souls" and if it would be correct to play with the already dead.
In the end official sources came and destroyed her work, and samples.
Leaving her to sit in another ruin, of yet another life.

Now I ask?
How far would you go for someone you love?
Someone so key to your existence that being left alone is nothing but the purest torture.

Would you kill?
Would you change?
Would you implant yourself with a dangerous and inhuman substance you kept hidden with no knowing what result might come of it?

Well I will have no complaining, I have after all, already told you...
Not all stories end as you want them too.

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