Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The other..


I was at kyries place today, we played mario as usual, leveled up on urge intense and muffins and talked about what we wanted to look like:P
This is a bit over exaggerated, but meh, I wouldn't mind being a bit more unafraid and look more like I want to.

The dreads would be synthetic ones btw, so I could vary a bit with the hairstyle, and yes, that's a nose ring, you know, kind of like what spanish bulls have:P And, I would dare to use some nice colours, like green and red and brown. Ah, yes, I would also have a nice tattoo, which would be a mix of organic and mechanic stuff^^ Like cogs and nice wines with pretty leafs on them..

Anyway, it's getting late and I better go to bed, I has work tomorrow...

Kyrie brings moar stuff tomorrow, maybe we'll see his version of him^^

- Vinter

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