Monday, 23 July 2012


A little witch! I started this as a speed paint thing to take a little brake from the commission I'm currently working on. I got sick of it half way through, but couldn't stop for some reason... I think it's because if I put it down I know I'll never finish it:P
It's still not done, missing a lot of details, but I just can't be bothered now...

Would recommend, having a look at the full size one though. 

Been listening to the new Emilie Autumn single, Fight Like a Girl, and it's rather catchy... Time for Tea is an awesome song! I get such fun visual images in le head:P

Anyway, better go to bed. There's another day tomorrow filled with commission work!

Kyrie brings more cute girls, maybe maybe not, tomorrow (today). So stay tuned.


P.s. I just remembered why I never really colour in CMYK.. WOAOW, the colours changes... 

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