Monday, 23 May 2011

A painting.

Good evening intahrwebs!

Yesterday I wanted to start on my Apocalyptic Pandora project, but sadly I found out that the pen for my drawing tablet is in my lost (but found, in a friends car, just have to wait till he's back in town^^) pencil case, so I had to put that one on hold.

But with that, I started on a acrylics painting. I was never very good at paint, and I don't really have patience for it. But this is a fun little experiment... Oh, and it's not done yet:P

Man, I really need a desk. At the moment I'm using my clothes drying rack as a "table"... It's the only thing that's big enough for me to have brushes and paints short at hand. And I'm still filling up the coffee table with stuff like water glasses to wash my brushes and my buckets of paint...

After this painting I want to make another one, based on this sketch\o/

Await more creativity from Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

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