Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cold, chill, freezing.

Always had a thing for the name Rose, such a pretty name.
And honestly I think I am part of the "golden girls" generation so it might be a bit weird.

Then again I think my like for the name goes for all flower inspired names.
Guess I just like flowers.

Anyway, a bit of a redesign of Rose (henceforth, unless a more appealing flower appears)
Making her just a little bit more Victorian, trough all her redesigns some aspects have stayed the same, she is still and will probably always be
- Daughter of a nobleman.
- Deadly, very deadly, but absolutely unwilling to use that power.

As far as stories go, Rose's character is kind of a myth within a mythical realm.
Patches of great story, that form the basis for a very unlikely personality.
Ever making you question, if she is at all plausible.

KK rant off.

Vinter said I am nice...
Awesome, massively worth the doublepostingeffort


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