Sunday, 9 October 2011

Leipzig factory.

I know Kyrie asked for a tea comic, and I would have done one, but I kinda run out of time, and did a Firefly drawing instead... one point to who ever names the character first:P

And then there's a picture from when I went urban exploring. we run in to a guy that told us he thought it might be a water heating plant or something, for the poison factory next door. It was scary and awesome, and my bf and I are thinking of going back some time, because there were more than one run down factory to explore. We also went past an old train shed!

I'm back home tomorrow night, spending a day at the airport. Which gives me plenty a time to do a tea comic^^

Me be liking Kyries colours! They look rather crisp indeed:)

Lets hope for more crispness tomorrow^^

- Vinter

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