Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tastes like gravel.

You know, sometimes, you just have to listen to a woman.
Its that simple, listen or have you brains form a new Rorschach test on the pavement.

So this is me Kyrie, telling all men to listen a little more...

Haha, Okay, so gray-scale today, I might color it later, but I did it mainly because I've been shooting a handgun in resident evil 5 all day long.
And I wanted some expression practice, and I think I got that pretty well done here.

I must say though, that gun is horribly ugly.
You might say I am late, but I haven't slept yet so to that I say:
if you have a big meal 00.30 on December the 24. does that make it Christmas dinner?


Vinter will keep her dairy of a psycon trip entries going strong! ^^
Its like being there, only your eyes are drawings.


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