Wednesday, 19 October 2011


A little Batman fan art, except the character in question is made by:
And she was helped by

I read some interesting background for the character Phobia, and decided that I wanted to draw her, so I asked Persona, and she allowed my the pleasure.

Now let me explain a little what I did with the character and why.
First of she was said to be wearing a corset, I've made that into an under-bust, mainly because I wanted her to feel more agile, if you are more agile in an under-bust or an over-bust is beyond me, as well, havent really worn too many corsets.

Second change I made is that she is supposed to have a skirt, I've changed hot-pants, I feel it more mobile, and more practical for what is an ex-cop.
I've also given her a police belt to honor that past, even though she herself might not remember it.

The owner mentioned that she has mood-swings, but also quite heavy makeup, so I made some tear lines that should be natural considering.

I was really really unsure what kind of hair she really had, so in the end I just went with something.

Hope you all enjoy, hope the creator will not be to offended!

Vinter is up for some more lazy tomorrow await in suspense for tomorrow is one of her working torture days.



  1. I love it, I really do. It's too awesome for words.

    ... I gotta go and make myself feel worthy of this character again. You drew her too well. ;~;

  2. Look forward to hearing about it!

    And again, thank you for the appreciation shown, really helps motivate more work.