Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Red Dress = Bad luck

I know, should've done the background in green, but you know what, I do not like having my hand forced.
And sure, a little unbalance helps scream a little for the poor girl how likes Red dresses.
Red dress tends to mean an romantic.
Such a piece also tends to make the owner a hopeful and quite confident person (I say person just in case there might be a cross-dresser reading this, and respect to you, for staying true to yourself)
A mix just waiting for someone to take advantage of a person to strong to change.And leave them properly defeated so that they can show their strength and build themselves up again.

KK, so thats a little story for what is in fact nothing but me wanting to do some coloring on a rather simple image.
It was a strange and kind of enlightening experience:

"I do more lines, per "lets call it ideal-line" the bigger the undertaking I feel the image is."

Call it confidence-less drawing. (which is kind ironic considering).
That needs work, I would write bad Kyrie...
But that would be counter productive.

Loved the piece by Vinter BTW!
speaks to my soul, if I am allowed to show my cheesy personality.
More from her tomorrow? may-haps these legendary paintings?


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