Friday, 21 October 2011

iPad doodling

First drawing.

Second drawing.

Third drawing.

I tried to blog on my new iPad, but apparently apple and google hates each other, there is no blogger app for iPad, and the safari app won't let my type in the text type thing.

SO, I've now transferred three iPad sketches to my laptop, so I can post them here on the blog. Silly apple.

The look rather silly, but keep in mind that I did these with my fingertips, like a kid:P I do feel like a kid when I draw on it. At least you can see progress in the drawings:P
My plan is to buy a stylus, so I can do ultimate sketching everywhere at all times^^

How did I afford the iPad you may ask? Well, I didn't it. It was a gift from my bf!!! I was so surprised I almost cried:P I've been thinking about buying one for some time now, but never really had enough money to get one.

Anyway, so no super awesome drawings from me this time either, as I've been playing with my new toy all of yesterday and to day (except for few hours today, when I was working on my mums project).

Now I'm off to take pics of my friends band, and drink beer with bf:)
Will be good and post a cool drawing on sunday^^

In the mean time enjoy some more awesome kyrie stuff tomorrow:D

- Vinter

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