Monday, 17 October 2011

4B lead

Did not feel like drawing at all today...
But that is one of the best feelings to have, because then I am justified in drawing just what I want, AND I finish the most old ideas of when I do not feel like drawing.

So today I finished of an old old Rawid drawing meant for you guys like back before summer,
He's a bounty character, kind of a zealot, but not really.
Also a stranger to the world as he is from one of the moons.

He is an old contact of Scarfs, and the shared past makes them both unease just to leave the other person be, maybe to protect the other, or himself.

Then theres what I felt like drawing, which was Whatever, as long as I got to use my 4b.
So scary black-eyes Milli was birthed.
I am such a proud parent.

Hope you humanoids enjoy!

Vinter will bring more exiting stuff tomorrow!
Looking forward to that.


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