Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Long nights

So, I did a drawing...
It sucked.

So I did another one, It lacked something special.
Made several others, same problem as above.

Did some bounty fall-back idea, scanned it, cried on the inside.

Decided to do an all digital drawing.
Tried that about 20 times.

Finally got something I could work with, but the tablet stopped working.

Satt back down using traditional media.
Made this thing, got told to turn down the music by random dude apparently living near me.
colored it.

Hope you like.
I wonder if I will. (I am so tired atm that I think anything would look fine to me as long as I can go to bed.)

Vinter was right about less!
Will she bring more?

Kyrie crawling in general direction of bed.

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