Monday, 28 November 2011

Wierdest entry ever.

So me and some of my warhammer mates, have been talking warhammer campaign lately.

And for that campaign we need a map.

So I sat down and wanted to draw a map, I also realized what I want to do speaking comics, and that also required a map, So I figured, lets merge the two.

So I wanted to create an awesome map, that got me kick-started on the comic, as well as to be the campaign map for the 40k campaign.

I realised after about an hour of messing around.
Maps, are not THAT easy, for some reason I had them pegged as something stupidly easy to make.

Truth on the other hand slapped me awake.
So this entry is actually me taking some random map from the web, and trying to understand and learn to draw a cool map, theres been several stages after this.

But consider this a teaser for what is too come!
Just a little color explanation before I dive into bed.

Green = important structure
Red = Train/transport station
Orange = transport lines
Black = Fortified walls.

Vinter is coming, says the Starks, I'm pretty sure they mean she will post tomorrow.
what will she do now that she's found out the mystery of the tea.


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