Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Eureka, So's your face.

Yay, I've finally gotten somewhere with bounty.

These drawings do not seem to move bounty forward at all...

Yes indeed imagined conversation participator, you are correct, what I have done.
Is the storyboard for the introduction.

Been working so much on city's and, I've realized more or less what I want to be drawings.
So I did some tweaks, and I trimmed some fat, and I told 12 year old me that that Idea was just plain stupid and maybe just a little bit sexist (that would be sexist in the womans favor, IF, you where wondering)

And then the idea more or less wrote itself as I walked in the windy Oslo streets.
Got home, wrote it down, made a storyboard.

Not for todays drawings, first of is a short picture of kind of what I imagine the setting to end up looking like.
Course, not that orange.
And probably not at all those colors as you see I am too lazy to turn my ridiculously high contrast and color monitor down to normal levels.

Second image is me trying some new coloring, shading techniques.
Likeing that one so far, really simple and quite fun.

Damn, I have words, words a plenty.
Vinter had what seemed like a perfect drawings session from a picture I stalked at facebook.
Hopefully that means more goodies for us here at Lazy :D
Guess we will find out in 'bout a day.

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