Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Warhammer humor

This is Warhammer humor.

Friend of mine requested a Leonidas gag comic.
So I did one, sorry to all of you out there who do not know enough about Warhammer to understand the comic.

This is fan-art, and as such I own no rites, and all that jazz.

Speaking of, I've been enjoying mafia jazz lately.
Thats not really relevant to anything I am just saying.

Want to work on a comic of my own now that Vinter is all like, doing it.
(yes I must be sheep-man)
So I am going to do that, maybe I'll jump straight into Bounty, or maybe I'll do something smaller first, time will decide for me.

Vinter up for tomorrow, and needless to say I am exited.
You should be too!


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