Monday, 7 November 2011

One project to share.

So beside my day job I've been doing some stuff at the side for my boss, building and designing a web site.

So far, I haven't really gotten very far with it, I know what it's supposed to look like, I've done the "design" part of it, now I just have to build it.

As I don't really know anything about HTML or CSS, I'm getting my bf to help me, and today he helped me put this up!

I'm looking forward to learn loads new stuff in the time ahead, till the site launch in December, and maybe I'll get good enough to do it all over again and build a site for myself:) would be nice.

So the idea with the logo, is that it will change with the seasons. So for autumn you'll have this one, and for winter there will be a wintery scenery, spring scenery for spring and of course a summery scenery for summer:)

I've been taking loads of pictures for this site lately, so there will be loads of eye candy up there when it finally launches.

Now, bed time again, as Kyrie will post something in only a few hours^^ and I certainly liked his red head, we in lazy never seem to tire of girls:-p

- Vinter

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