Sunday, 20 November 2011

Late night fishcowsfromspaceofcommunistdoom.

KK, title is an in-joke for people who speak "games workshop war-gamer".

I've been spending this night doing some serious work for my tau army, planned on showing it as well, because I more or less had no time to draw.

But my phone failed me, and I did not feel like scanning 3d models.
And a camera? nah, not That pretty.

So when In crisis, draw what you like.

And as I've said so many a time, I love witches.

This is my standard witch, my go to witch design if you will, actually created it as a character portrait of a friend of mine called Anita (this is where I'd put her blog if I understod blogger things) Some long time ago, and I really just enjoy drawing it.

Again, and again.

Sleep I shall have some of that now.
(just changed the sheets *Crowd goes wild*)

Vinter never disappoints when she always finds time to do her lazy.
Good girl.
But YES more good drawing, Course we all want more, and better...

Human we are.


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