Monday, 14 November 2011

Tees and truffles.

Here's the logo finished. All four seasons. I have to get the website up and running the first of December, so I have a lot to work ahead of me...

And here's the tee, almost finished. I got a little critique that I should maybe add a crow, making it a little more poecraftian ish... I'm thinking of maybe drawing one over the E in Poecraft... Anyway, I'll try it out tomorrow. I submitted it for critiquing at threadless. Click the link to go see it^^

Today I've tried to make truffles! And I think I made it right up until I added the cherry jam... It's now cooling down, so we'll see later if I made it the right way or not. It certainly tasted nice, but it's like a chocolate sauce atm...

Anyway, tomorrow is Kyrie time! I'm going over there to work on a little project! While Kyrie paints some figures^^ It's going to be a day of lovely work:)

Now, I have to do some drawing before I loose my skills...

- Vinter

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