Monday, 14 November 2011

Motivational Poster

Gotta say, its hard not to love Motivational posters.
So I kind of had to make one.

AND I know, its a bit wordy on the first part.
but you see, so I am...

So it makes sense.

Anyways in my line of work I sell plastic models.
So when a game as big as skyrim comes out, you really notice it on the repeat costumers.
And because I myself do not have the possibility to actually participate in the frenzy of nerdines.

I figure I might as well make this poster and try and get my fellow nerds to realize theres more then one game out there, and they should all spread the nerd love around equally.


Seems some people took this one a little to seriously, this is meant as a joke.
Next time I will take care to phrase it differently.

Anyways, Vinter showed us an increase in standards again, So I've tried to honor that,
and increase my standard again as well!
To wards a better lazy, day after day.


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