Saturday, 26 November 2011

Catching a muse.

So, was ganna do something comic related, but the comic just would not manifest.

Yes thats how I draw, I do not plan, I let things manifest.
Its kind of like a Russian roulette of drawing, except in stead of death, I end up with long long nights.

Course sometimes things just do not go as planned.
So you've got to blame some third 100% irrelevant party...

Obviously I was lacking a Muse, and not knowing any formal way to summon them.
I went and caught one for myself.

Que todays image.

Hope you enjoy, if someone out there has opinions be sure to share them, especially on what you'd like me to draw more of.
(might not listen to you, but I will have some guilt for not listening ;))

Vinters Epic quest for the prefect tea goes onwards tomorrow.
can she catch a break?


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