Saturday, 30 April 2011

Communal Washing.

I have a really romantic view of what it would be like to take my laundry to a communal laundry.
Enough romantic videos, where all good couples meet.
I just have the idea that If I would go into a laundry once, my perfect girl would be sitting just smack there on the machine in front of me.

I blame never having to do my laundry at a communal place.

Anyway thats why I did this one today.

hope you enjoy.
More Vinter will be happening you know when!
(And am I the only one who really liked that hipster ^^)



  1. Do you think you'll find her? Maybe you should start doing your laundry at a communal place, and you'll meet her.
    Nice drawing.

    -Anastacia Walker.

  2. Thanks.

    Do I think I will find her, Guess I do.
    But in the end it does not really matter as the idea of her kind of is beautiful enough.

    God that was sickeningly cute.

    I will now reclaim my manliness by saying:

    One desperate day I shall Indeed go wash my clothes in a laundry place, but saving it for one try, one day, one possible awesome event that will be THE epic "how we meet story"

    Have a good day Anastacia :)
    (sorry for not commenting before Just found where to see new comments :P)