Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bandit Cut

Happy Lazy-Inhouse day!

Following Vinter I did some fan art myself today.

Realistic scale Maplestory bandit.
Maplestory, really the best MMORPG out there.

No rift, no WoW, all 2D sidescroller!

Wanted to color it, and might still do it.
Now I have to go to the store, because reading Vinters post made me have an
Intense Urge for Urge Intense...

(Yes, I totally did that)


  1. Some nice movement going on with this one!

  2. Thanks :)

    Getting that from such a well respected and talented Illustrator like yourself, really inspires me to keep improving.

    So again, thanks.

    I really do have the most fun when working on high entensity drawings, so I'll post more of them in the future.