Sunday, 24 April 2011

Teen Peace

Meet my imaginary girlfriend, Okay not really just a practical excuse girlfriend.

It would happen in my youth that my family would ask, "Sooo, have you got a girlfriend yet"
Just thinking of this here girl and saying that there was someone special kept them silent.
And for someone who honestly did not plan to get a girlfriend for a long time, that was indeed a blessing.

And you will never guess her name!
Its Mithrila, yeah really...
Yes, I did in fact never mention her name when I lied for peace as I figured believeability would go out the window.

She is actually a part of bounty, and yes she is going to be renamed, something like "scarlet" "rose" Idunu, help me here.

Daughter of a nobleman, magical amplitude, generally attributed with a personality to match what I believe I would like in a woman.
And to keep you ALL from becoming my dream woman, I will stop at that.

Hey, look at me, ranting again.
Hold on to yer' boots and wait for tomorrow, when drawing again will appear on the magic that is Lazy-Inhouse.


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