Thursday, 7 April 2011


A few posts ago, I told you about my little Jealousy monster. Well, today it's all about the infamous Rage monster.

Yes, I have one of those as well, known for making my boyfriend and friend scared:P
I don't know why, but even the smallest of things can really push me over the edge, and I get this crazy look in my eyes. This happens when annoying people decide to sit next to me on the bus/train with annoying habits, like sniffing or coughing or just invading my private space... I NEED THAT SPACE... ehem... or when my chop sticks splits in the wrong place... or if someone asks me if I'm angry... or when the damn jump button on Wii doesn't work and I end up killing Mario... or just other small stuff:)

Think of it as a little something that's scratching your skin, not deep, but it's annoying as hell, and after ten seconds you just want to kill that something... Yes, thats my little anger monster:>

I have a feeling there will be more monsters in the future.

That was all for today, tune in for more from Kyrie tomorrow!
- AV

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