Thursday, 14 April 2011


More Fanart!

My Bandit sure do eat a lot of lemons.

K, for you non-mapler people out there a little explain:
Everything you want to be doing in maple cost you "mana".
You have a sett amount of mana at all times and you can end up using up all your mana.
At which point you'll be able to do pretty much nothing.

Now to regain mana you could sit around on a chair for say 15min, or just eat something.
SO what happens is that in the span of 5 min my maple character would eat something like 15 lemons, and 15 "white pots" (which is a health potion, no explain here, google it).

Now In my head that just seems a bit fanatical, and lemons are not that good.So it spawned this fast little drawing.

If anyone reading this plays Maple be sure to send me a message!
"ManlyMuffin" that would be me.

No more rant about maple, time to draw some more commission work.

Hide in the lazy-Inhouse bushes and peek up tomorrow for more drawings.


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