Sunday, 17 April 2011

Clouds... COLUDSSS!!

So yesterday I arrived at the Viking Ship in Hamar, Norway, to prepare for The Gathering. My job is to decorate the hall with clouds... yes, CLOUDS. Even though I've only done this for two days now, I'm already sick of clouds:P

So now I'm taking a break, drinking Urge Intense and blogging.
I drew this yesterday, before I went to bed. I wanted to challenge my self with drawing some movement stuff. A girl jumping at something with a dagger sounded fun in my head so I decided that was a good idea. Sadly, it turned out pretty crap. It looks static and undynamic... So I guess I have something to practice on this easter... Dynamic and lively drawings with lots of movement, and backgrounds!

Await more from Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

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