Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Iceman Artblock

Meet the Iceman, more correctly referred to as the icicle man.

I'm currently at my families cabin, been trying to draw ever since i got of work, and

Wow, sometimes I really can not draw at all.
Honestly, some of my post here on Lazy, makes me ashamed of my work.
But what was created today really was not even worthy of the title drawing...

So what did i do, well, I drew and drew.
Then drew some more.
Until I finally was able to do something I was pleased enough to post.
So advice from me, ever fell you can not do something:
Do it more...
grind it into the dust...

*manly Kyrie*

Now, maybe since we did not get a post from vinter tomorrow she will give us 2 drawings one of the next days?



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