Friday, 26 August 2011

Jake and Tess

Just a couple characters.
Very steampunkian in wibe, which is the plan, but I also want to try and make steampunk "my own".

So lets see where that takes me.

Another want to color image, but the colors are just such a hazzle to get out.

bleh, me must color soon.
Jake lost his arm in a boiler accident, using a live parasite doctors where able to merge an mechanical arm to the joint.
Problem for poor old Jake though is that the arm needs a sizable amount of power, and is by no means made up of top of the line stuff.

So he has to carry his boiler with him.

Then theres Tess.
Tess is an angry girl, she uses that anger to keep people in check, and uneasy.
That way she knows what people she has the control over.
And since that seems to work out so well...

Well she doesn't see no real reason to stop being angry all the time.

In this image they are both working a bounty.
thats right.
Bounty is a big world.

Vinter will hopefully not fill my nightmares with dual wielding pipe women tomorrow.


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