Saturday, 13 August 2011

Drakes home with a funky face!

KK, so big obviously influenced by guilt post.

First of, Drakes back!
Yaay, Drake would be my "bad-side" character.
Eminems got slim shady I've got Drake.
(that was typed just so you lot would get "guess who's back, back again" on you minds.)

Drakes basically a baby in a powerful sorcerers body.
He's got a necklace that sucks the blood of killed enemies and adds it to his stream of blood.
So basically he can't at this point in bounty die from bleeding out.
(because he's got like 100 persons worth of blood)

he's just my perfect writers plot device darling. If the story is stuck just have Drake do something stupid, fun or just plain weird.

I also did some watercoloring of a random blond, mostly because I am fascinated by how weird coloring blond hair really is. feel I did a good job on this one though, also lined her with some black inc, if anyone cares !

AND just to make this long post longer yet!
THE RULES OF MATS LIFE (because if I do not have them I'll rot in a corner somewhere)
1. Computer stays in music corner till 20.00
2. One Urge a day, two on a special event.
3. No Video games till 20.00
4. If bored, clean.
5. If bored and apartment looks like its been a training facility for maids, Draw.
6. Real food, then snacks.
7. Fruit and nuts, the new snack.
8. Never urge intense without a meal.

And I am sure the list will get bigger.

Vinter uploads tomorrow!


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