Monday, 29 August 2011


So, okay, ever so slightly macabre today.
Hope you all do not mind.
First up we have a bottled hearth.
Then secondly we have some macabre humor.

Yes this post must be emo!

Sometimes I really do forget how lucky I am to have the ability to turn to a piece of paper and just fill it with whatever is bothering me.
Feel a bit guilty for uploading SO early, gives Vinter less frontpage time.
But I am leaving for Denmark in like 3 hours, so had no choice.

AND since this is such a downer post, I might upload an bonus upload if I manage to get one out just before I leave.

Winter will tomorrow have deer girl painting?!?



  1. Jeg elsker deg.

  2. Thats really nice, and a little creepy Anonymous.

    I'd honor your love to the best of my ability if I only know who you where.

    But I guess that why you are nameless.
    So you can love in silence, and not gamble the feeling by doing so openly.

    I will attempt to be worthy of the love, and hope you keep enjoying lazy ;)