Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I sorted socks today.

KK, so a part one image here today.
Want to color in the image, so I was not to comfy messing around with the pencil.

*so why did you not just color it then Kyrie?*
Well, you question asker you...
I sorted socks.
And it took like 1.5 hours.
Apparently I have socks.

Then I eat some food, food that has me so very very frightened.
(I was also very touched by the socks that had no match, to have an existence Solly dependent on having a match, then losing your match in the deadly struggle that is the washer.
Hard times man, hard times.)

Vinter will be back to work tomorrow.
May the holy Urge Intense inspire brilliance.

Kyrie wonders how chicken really tastes.

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