Sunday, 28 August 2011

From the books

A little something something from the papers that are all over the place in my place...
(yes that was written unclear intentional)

I was going to do some real drawing stuff today, but failed miserably in that plan of action.
So in steed I took out a pile of whatever drawings I have like too many of.

Hopes you lot enjoy none the less.
I am O so sure Vinter will bedazzle tomorrow. (which is my normal lie, for it will indeed happen later today,)

Will now draw something half decent god dammit.


  1. Oh, i like this! Reminds me that i should make some doodlecollages myself n_n

  2. :)
    You absolutely should do a doodlecollage!

    When It comes to doodles I would almost go so far as to say I prefer to look at peoples doodles.

    I like being able to fill in the blanks myself, and have plenty to find and discover about a post.

    Ah doodle.
    I so do love you.

    (best word ever)