Friday, 2 December 2011

Bounty Redesigned.

So Bounty is going somewhere.
Yay that, like I said the script for the introduction is finished.
The setting is established, and hanged up so I don't just forget again.

The characters are chosen, but, but they look so very wrong.
So time for some redesigning.
And first of I redesigned Ariella.

Now all the redesigned will be kind of smallish of nature, but just stuff to help then fit into the world, and grow the realism of the characters.

Also trying to work on my faces so that I'll be able to draw a plethora of different faces and not have the viewer confused.

You see some of that above where I've tried some different expressions without the face loosing its familiarity.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy.
And comments would be lovingly appreciated.

Vinter will tomorrow gear up for another epic run of extreme workloads.
good luck to her, but more drawing for us no matter, because we are all selfish.


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