Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"Cool" party tricks.

Rose Redesigned for the new bounty setting, OK, so not really redesigned.

As in I haven't really designed anything, I've just put her on a table, and had her do a little magic.

Which is something I needed, to much stuff I must do, makes me long for just doing.
So I did, I actually had something els finished and ready to post, but I sat down and just felt the need to draw my favorite girl.

What I had planned on posting was another map, but its not really finished, and not all that exiting to post, so I am glad i made this.
In more ways then one, as I find drawing her incredibly comforting.

Now, Vinter is stepping up the courage and bringing her pencil out in public (its okay to say that because she is a female human, ahahaha)
(*Groan*, I should learn to use the backspace.)
So everyone should congratulate her, congratulations!
And more from her tomorrow :)


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