Friday, 9 December 2011

Wine tasting doodles.

Yes, so I've been at work for more or less five days, but believe it or not, I managed to do some personal drawings as well as sketching up my commission, and printing a super duper poor quality test print of my tea comic:D

The reason it's called wine tasting doodles, is because I was assisting in a wine tasting thing, I was the one to give everyone wine while my boss gave a talk. There was some waiting between the three wines the group were tasting, so I had the opportunity to doodle some quickies.

Oh, and apparently the dishwasher at work uses a really corrosive soap, so my thumb has started to dry out and crack open! But I'll tell you, my thumb is nothing compared to my bosses thumb, as he uses it every day, his cracks are supa deep. The picture doesn't really show much of the crack, but it's super annoying... Especially when I get lemon or alcohol in it:-p

Now, bed time! I have to finish my commission tomorrow! Wish me luck!

What do you think we'll get of Kyrie tomorrow? Another redesign? A map? Something joyful? Something moody?

- Vinter

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