Monday, 12 December 2011

Ratz and Retz

Made just for you.
Emilie Autumn girl, started drawing a war veteran guy.

Got bored and drew a girl.

Guess I just can not help it, I find feminine form so much more pleasing to draw.
Now, yes I could've done a war veteran woman, but in the end I remember a friend of mine today noting the t-shirt I was wearing, and that was a Emilie Autumn t-shirt.

So Organic stuff happened.

Now I've been without Urge for the longest time, and I've been drinking 3 cups a tea each day, we're talking manly cups of tee here (as in big, felt like explain').

So I've also noted that when your body gets the appropriate amount of liquids it needs each day,
you feel better!

who would've known.

Our little soldier Vinter will deify the laws of time and give us more lazy tomorrow, support her!


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