Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snow snow snow snow snow!!

Yey, today it finally started snowing! Here in Norwayland we expect snow in October, but it came late this year. I really like snow, winter is my favourite time of year, so I get sad when there's no snow in the winter months:-p

So I had some time in between serving guests and washing dishes to do some drawing for my self, and the idea of doom of snow strip came to me. It's not very pretty, as I only had a limited amount of time before my boss told me to get my butt in gear.

Oh oh, and I got a book I ordered^^ it's a special edition with a drawing to me in it:D
It's so pretty, and I really admire Steve Prescott's drawing style!

Now bed time for me, I have so much to do on my commission which is due Saturday! And the only day I'm not working on my "day job" is Friday...

I did like Kyries drawing, looks like he had a good time drawing it^^ stay tuned for more tomorrow!

- Vinter

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