Friday, 16 September 2011

Drakes Moves

Drakes found himself a girlfriend!

Well not really, and as far as his characters design goes he's kind of a man-child
(well the man part is kind of generous), his brain functions very differently then most peoples.

A girlfriend to him might just be an annoying person that tends to get upset at him.
why she would be upsett is forever beyond poor little Drake, but thats his blessing as he would not mind or notice her being upset in the first place.

Anyways, picture just kinda of sneered itself onto the paper while I was listening to "filmsack" - by frogpants studios (podcast).
In the end I really wondered what in gods name possessed me to draw this image, but as to why I have little to no clue.

Tomorrow is Drink and draw time (I think, and I am totally to lazy to check at this movement)
So maybe Vinter will draw her post in company?
Find out tomorrow!


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